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4.8 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 6158 reviews

what people are saying
At the beginning I have to commend a fast parcel delivery to my home, which is in Poland.<br>Vacuum robot box was packed well and secured correctly, which did not damage the device, and this is important, because it happens sometimes nowadays that during transport equipment can be damaged.<br>As for the Robot itself, it works without any complaints, even the battery surprised me, because a 60m2 flat can clean up to 3x-4x times a week on a single charge. You can see that it doesn't scan the room as well as the more expensive models, but for the price I am very pleased, to the extent that I bought a second one for family members.<br>The only small issue that happened with one of the two robots, that it could not properly drive to the charging station, maybe because he was already exhausted to the limit, and I pressed on the remote control to return to the base, then he had problems with it, but it was the only time, because actually we charge it with my wife by using power cable insteal od charging station. Why? Because it is faster and you don't worry about the charging station in alley way, which is more disturbing during the days when the cobot cleaner is not used. It easy to use, on the beggining it looks complicated but in realality is not and also the brush and dust backet inside the robot has been installed in a smart way. <br>Really many vacuum cleaners are good and work great, even maybe they have better features, but the cost twice more than this one and for the £120 what I spent for it is really bargain, I think the Alfawise V8S is a great opportunity and good value for money.<br>On the photo screenshoot of my Alfawise during cleaning. Still on the top is a plastic protection foil ;-)
For this price the product is good. The projected image is sharp, but we had to place it horizontally, otherwise the picture was a bit blurry, regardless of the focus adjustment. The projector has a screw mount on its bottom, which is practical for mounting it on a stand. The image brightness is acceptable in a dark room, and it's ideal for a movie night, or something similar, but in broad daylight it's not very visible. <br>The idea of the internal media player is nice: you just insert a flash drive and play movies, or anything without a computer, or any external media player device, but it is sadly not the best in the world. If there is a version of this projector with android installed on it, I recommend to add a few more dollars and buy that, then install Kodi or something similar to it. The video player is a bit choosy on formats, we tried a few one and sometimes the video was just not started, but only the loading animation was shown. When the video started, there was no sound, etc.<br>From an hdmi source the image is nice. I haven't tried with a console yet, but I'm curious how much delay it has. The remote control is nice, it reminds me a bit of the apple tv's remote. It had a button with the android logo, but it wasn't doing anything. The power supply had US plugs, but the package contained an adapter, that's nice too. The internal speaker sounds similar to the speakers built into a standard led tv. In total I'm satisfied with the product, a little bit more brightness could be nice, but it's good for the price.
It is a nice smart device. I struggled a little until it connected to the native app, which is well made by the way, includes a lot of helps and tips, and supports a lot of type of smart devices. It says it can connect only on 2.4 GHz WIFI, but i used a second type of connection as the app suggested until the device got registered on my account, then it worked. Then you can connect your "Smart Life" (this is the name of the app and service) account to Google Home for example. You have all the help and description how to do it in the app and in Google Home app. I used this smart plug to be placed in the kitchen and connected the coffee machine to it. Then in the evening i can prepare the machine for the morning to be ready to make the coffee. I have added this smart plug to the Google Home's "Good Morning" routine to turn it on automatically, so when I wake up, I just say "hey google, good morning" while Google Assistant speaks, the coffee machine is starting to work! :-) And one last thing, the device has very good wifi coverage too. Highly recommend. Looking to purchase more and other types of smart devices from Alfawise brand.
●Titanium diagraphm for wonderful sound, precise and honest reproduction of the details<br>●15h music time with 400mAh rechargeable battery. Music on the go with 3.5mm audio cable<br>● The artificial protein leather earmuffs simulate the texture of the human skin and are comfortable to wear for a long time<br>●Ergonomic design - the earmuffs can be rotated by 90 degrees, and the adjustable headband is suitable for all head shapes and sizes<br>●Reliable and stable Bluetooth 4.1 for real-time audio streaming, compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.<br>● Built-in HiFi microphone for clear transmission of your voice, providing better call quality even in noisy environments<br>● The 40mm magnetic neodymium drivers can bring you vivid sound field, stunning sound clarity, great for various games<br>● Folding design, flexible to wear, easy carrying for wherever you are
I purchased this printer a few months ago. It has been a dream to use. I would definitely recommend this as a great printer for anyone starting out with 3D printing or even for veterans that want a more compact and reliable unit. I am extremely impressed.<br>The setup was fairly straight forward. It took me about an hour to have it fully setup and powered on. All the tools needed are provided with the unit to complete the full setup. There are a few great youtube videos on setting up that you can watch as well if you need a little extra help.<br>Very easy to use. This is not my first 3D printer, so I do have a little bit of experience with them in general. But this was still a very easy printer to simply start using<br>The unit itself is very sturdy. The hardware used is good quality. <br>You will not find a better printer for this price. This printer exceeded my expectations on every level.
Nice little keyboard, really useful for occasional usage with multimedia PC which saved me lot of space on TV stand.<br>I've purchased it as replacement for full-size keyboard and mouse for multimedia PC and it fully matches for this role.<br>Wireless connection is stable. Keyboard keys have recognizable "click" which produces good tactile feedback. Pay attention that upper keys on both sides of touchpad are membrane keys - they have recognizable click on pressing.<br>Touch-pad is not very precise but good enough to control cursor movement. Colorful backlight is quite handy in dimly lit environment.<br>Probably the only drawback is absence of multimedia buttons to control playback but taking into account compactness of keyboard there is nothing to complain about.
I bought one of these after watching a review on techtablets channel on youtube. He breaks it down exactly as is, so I knew what I was getting and couldn't be happier. The screen is super bright and high res (retina), it's supposed to be the same panel used in an earlier ipad mini model. The 4:3 screen ratio was one of the strong points for me, as the usual 16:9 is bad for reading stuff. PDFs look extremely sharp and clean. The speakers are very loud and less tinny than many other tablets. Battery lasts for about 5-6 hours when watching films/browsing. On standby, perhaps a week. One negative is that it comes with Android 6 and due to the locked ROM, this cannot be upgraded. But the OS isn't buggy, and I've had no issues to fix. The tablet is reasonably powerful also, it's quite snappy switching between apps and in light gaming (I use MAME to play old school arcade games).
Wow, man does technology evolves fast. Got the two mini switches, installation was almost intuitive. there's a simple installation step you need to do to have the switch connect to your WiFi and you're pretty much all set. then you can setup a house and assign a room or any identifying name to a plug. That's pretty much it, you're good to go. but I also wanted to connect it with google Home. The app has instructions on how to do that exactly. It says it works also with Alexa but I don't have that so I can attest to how easy that is. The google home interfacing was pretty straight forward, you let google have access to the account you setup with Smart Life, and then google takes care of the rest.<br>Pretty impressive, I must say, for a device less than 10$.<br>If I need more of smart switch I am probably going to get more of those.
The audio quality is comparable or even better to that of budget earbuds from bigger brands (i.e. Marley Little Birds), battery life is very decent (up to 3 continuous hrs at high volume, more with lower volume), volume is loud, at about half volume is more than good enough, full volume may actually be uncomfortable, pairing is very easy, you only have to pair one and turn on the second one and it will pair automatically, then everytime you turn them on they pair on their own with your device. Charging box is nice, although the top lid is hard to open, does hold up to 3 charges but may take a bit to fully charge. Only significant problem so far is in windows 10, it randomly spikes to full volume even if the computer's volume is lower, the volume is also assymetric at times, you have to juggle with the computer's volume until they even out, its better to just adjust the volume within the app youre using.<br><br>All in all it was a good purchase
I am extremely satisfied with this watch. In my opinion, it is better than some Fitbits. 1. It is so accurate in counting our steps, calories burnt, and time exercised. I admit I was slightly worried about this part.<br>2. The commercial says it is waterproof, but i highly doubted that it would actually be waterproof, as only the best Fitbits are. However, I accidentally took it with me to a bubble bath, and it stayed underwater for about an hour, and it was perfectly fine.<br>3. It has so many different modes, even more than my friends legit Fitbit. It has walk mode, run mode, bike mode, soccer mode, tennis mode, dance mode, etc.<br>4. It is so comfortable. You also dont need a cable to charge it. These are only a fewreasons i love it.I highly recommend that you get this tracker.
Finalmente dopo due mesi di attesa mi è arrivato, imballo integro.<br>E' facile da impostare, ha tutte le caratteristiche descritte, <br>Uniche pecche sono che la ventola è un po' rumorosa ma se si usa un buon impianto audio poi viene coperto.<br>Altra pecca è che se si mette a fuoco nel centro risulta leggermente sfocato ai lati, peccato.<br>Per quanto riguarda le uscite delle connessioni sono un po' troppo vicine al bordo il che comporta che se si hanno degli spinotti o pen drive grosse vanno a sbattere <br>contro con la conseguenza di non riuscire ad inserirle completamente.<br>Per il resto rimane un buon prodotto per la cifra che ho speso. Consiglio vivamente di acquistarlo per l' home cinema. Io lo uso su una parete di 3 metri di base ed è stupendo.<br>Sembra veramente di avere il cinema in casa. La foto non è granchè ma vi assicuro che si vede in Full Hd.
So far I gave it 5 stars.<br><br>First of all, it may be that the purification area supported is large, the body size of this purifier is not too small, and it is more suitable to be placed on the floor rather than on the desktop. Of course, this is not a downside.<br><br>In the manual, it says the fan has three speed winds, so it can do a quick clean based on my own needs. This function is very useful.<br><br>Once I opened it, it smelled like plastic, but it was gone after a few minutes.<br><br>What's more, the purifier can be connected to WiFi and Alexa, which I can easily control from my couch or on the bed.<br><br>Many extra functions like timer, voice control etc,. which is contribute to simply operation.
Great value for your money. <br>Setup was easy, and quality is very good in ratio with the price and other brand on the market<br>Functions are easy understandable <br>The picture quality actually surprised me.<br>The nightvision is excellent and sharp<br>The 5x Zoom just give that extra edge when you want to see a bit further.<br>The two way audio is very useful and it records also both ways on the recordings.<br>Supports ONVIF which made it compactible with my Hikvision NVR.<br>All the camera functions work on my NVR which is excellent.<br>Can store presents without any problem<br><br>Only drawback is that the patrol function on my NVR doesn't work with the camera, but still great value for your money. Will definitely buy more of these cameras.
I bought this adapter to work in my 2004 Acura TL <br>Once you set up the device, it quickly connects every time you get in your vehicle and even overrides your headphones so I can seamlessly go from listening through my earbuds to listening on my cars stereo system. Only complaint is that their is a slight fuzzy noise in the background sometimes when I am listening but I haven't tried switching the frequency yet to see if this fixes the problem. My favorite part about the product is that it is small and fits inside the center counsel. Much better than the other FM converters I looked at that had big screens/displays and took up a lot of space. Overall - great product, highly recommend!
i buyed this on flash sale, and i can absolutely recommend it. the sound is amazing! for the best experience you should listen to high quality sound like FLAC, 'cause this blew me away. they're so much more details in the music, espacially compared with my Xiaomi QTEJ02JY Pro HD Hybrid Earphones or even with "SoundTrue Ultra" from Bose. At the beginning i needed to get used to the shape of the headphone ( it takes me a little bit longer to plug them into my ear, 'cause the cables are behind my ear :D ) but it's worth it! <br><br>contra: sometimes one of the headphones detach from the cable while i store them in my bag, so better put them in an extra bag or try to fixate them.
I already have some camera system installed I am just waiting for a doorbell one fit my needs. Because my front door is angled, so I was thinking we should be able to do something through this peephole. No wires and cables are required, so no clutter on my doorstep, I'm happy to have access to my family's surroundings at any time from the cellphone.<br>The video quality is a surprise, I don't have very high requirements for it, but I am really satisfied with its quality at present. And the videos can be stored in TF card, save more space.<br>Well, this is a very simple idea, but they are smart enough to see the need and design it. Good job Alfawise.
Very fast delivery, packaging very well thought out and very well protected all the parts. Everything was included no missing parts. The assembly was a good reference for assembling the unit, took less than half an hr assembling the unit. But that was an enjoyable project to assemble. The kit of parts is well thought out and made it easy to figure out how to assemble everything. Tested everything and all works as it should. Have been able to do some moderately precise engraving and cutting with the device. Very pleased with the capabilities of the machine and ease of use for what I originally intended to use it for.
I have been looking for a less expensive replacement for my broken Fitbit HR. This is perfect. It actually pairs with my phone easier than my Fitbit did. Both the tracker and the app are easy to use. I love pairing it with my phone and recieving notifications about calls and texted.Fairly stylish and thin enough to not get snagged.Pulling off one of the wrist straps for charging is not the chore that some reviewers make it out to be.It charges is a couple hours at most and is good for a week after that.If you want a fitbit and can't spend the $$$ right now, this is a great substitute.
Не буду в даваться в технические подробности данного дэвайса,о них и так иного сказано на просторах инета.<br>Скажу лишь,что для той цены ,которую предоставил магазин по акции-это очень хороший вариант бюджетного медиаплеера.<br>С проигрыванием онлайн ресурсов и домашнего видео он запросто справляется.ну а любителям тяжелых игр нужно искать что-то посерьезней и подороже.<br>Да и особая благодарность магазину за переходник на евровилку.<br>Мелочь ,а приятно.
The color quality is good, the brightness is excellent, and the setup was quick and painless. I have single bulb fixtures in my hallway that I wanted to be able to turn them daylight white during the day, a soft white at night, and gradually bring them to a dim red in the late night. These have fit that role perfectly, and bring just as strong of light to the hallway as the old standard bulbs did.<br>Don't let that scare you away, though-- the colors adjust correctly through APP, displaying a great range of colors, and I have been able to program them into scenes perfectly.
This was my first time to try a laser engraver. The shipping was extremely fast. The instructions are not very detailed, you need to find a more detailed video. It only take me about 30 minutes to put them together(if you don't want do these complex job, you can buy a assembled one directly). Everything did go well after installation with the software. Really a nice little controller for GRBL. Plus the offline controller saved me a lot of trouble of leaving a computer hooked up to the engraver, I am happy with how this machine turned out and will be using it often.
My package was shipped very quickly and arrived on time, the scooter was in good condition too.<br>Once the scooter was fully charged, I was ready to ride, the ride was smooth and the vacuum tires performed well even on uneven pavements. <br>pretty light for its size, easy to carry for me, that I can fold it up and take it into class, sometimes I finish classes late, which is when its super-bright headlights come in handy.<br>And I can check the speed, battery and lots of information through the screen, convenient for using. Overall it is fun to ride and I love the scooter.
This is an awesome projector! I really appreciate its versatility when it comes to what it can connect to. It has HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB (for external optical drives and hard drives). <br>It is very bright too. When my roommates and I use it, we have to make sure the other lights are off, but that isn’t usually a problem as we usually only have free time towards the end of the day. It doesn’t really work well in the middle of the day as there is too much light, but that is the same with nearly all projectors.<br>But for the price I can’t complain. Definitely a 5/5 rating.
Love this Smartwatch! I am basically obsessed with fitness trackers and I have tried several. I am especially interested in sleep tracking and heart rate, but I am also quite active, so steps and activity monitoring are important too. <br>The display is bright and clear even in full sunlight. In fact, it might even be better in full sunlight. I previously owned a pebble, and was disappointed when that product came to end of life. This is a very good replacement. Very lightweight. You can almost forget you're wearing it. It's very comfortable.
The screen is really clear and nice looking in direct light (unlike most modern smartwatches that fade in direct sunlight), and it has a nice backlight for low-light situations, as well.<br>Seems sturdy enough, and I have a screen protector coming next week. I am very impressed with this watch considering the price.<br>Not bad at all if all you want is a fitness watch for running or cycling on the cheap. It can work independently without your phone when out for a run to track distance. It's worth the money and you won't regret.
My dentist - while cleaning my teeth last week - kept drilling me, "YOU HAVE TO GET AN ELECTRIC TOOTH BRUSH TO FIGHT OFF YOUR PLAQUE BUILD-UP YOU ALWAYS GET!"<br>So, I decided to follow her advice.<br>I saw the ratings on this and was very skeptical because of the bargain price.<br>This is the best toothbrush I have ever used! It gets the job done, it notifies you via vibration when you've completed 2 minutes of brushing, and it's very sensitive on the teeth. I've never had cleaner teeth every morning and night like this.<br>Must buy and try!
Easy to install, Doorbell works so well! It had to go pretty far in my house and I really didn't think it would work, but it was loud and clear. It was very reasonably priced and arrived fast. I wish the tape stuck better, but I was trying to stick it on bricks and it fell off. When I put it on a painted wood gate it stuck just fine. This doorbell was super easy to set up and worked in minutes. If you also want to buy a wireless doorbell, this is a good choice, the price is very low, the quality is also very good. Great product so far!
This is a Smart Watch that works very well with the IPHONE app that goes along with it. It is very easy to understand. It tracks my steps, calories burned, workouts, and also can be paired with my phone. It also can control the music on my iphone and it also regulates my heart rate and send all the info to the app that I can view later and share with my loved ones if I choose.I would recommend this watch as an alternative to the Apple Iphone if you are looking to save money and have a smaller budget to work with. A++
I really like this smart watch. It’s easy to use, has good quality and also stylish. Can track my steps, sleep quality, heart rate, exercises data and my data. And it’s WATERPROOF, really love it cause I can even swim with it. Its also like other smart phones that sync to my phone such as message, call, line, Facebook message, mail....many apps. Besides, I can also control my phone camera, this function is so impressed. Now I wear it everyday. This is an awesome watch! All in all this is an EXCELLENT deal for the price.
This thing is stunning in person. It is BRIGHT...even in daylight. At night, forget about it. It's pure magic. I loaded it up with all sorts of mystical magical stuff plus a few funny things of my own. We walked around for 4 hours. The thing looks like real interdimensional magic. Half the kids in town think Doctor Strange lives here!<br><br>Now that we're done with Halloween I can't wait to put this to use for some crazy home decoration. The fan came with a whole library of cool images. Can't recommend it enough.