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4.8 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 654 reviews

what people are saying
When I first opened the box, a terrible smell came out like a dead body was inside. Fortunately the headphones didn't smell and leaving the box on the balcony for one night was enough to get rid of the smell. Anyway, the product works fine, despite when I'm running sometimes Bluetooth signal gets weak and music slows down for some seconds, and then fasten for some moments. I don't understand what causes the interferences because doing some experiments I saw they happen even in my room when everything is steady around them. <br><br>Considering the very little times they don't work as desired and considering their price, I suggest this product. Beside, the battery lasts long time and the percentage led is quite useful.
plusy - cena<br> - kvalita záznamu<br> - prísavná časť držiaku sa dá použiť na akčné kamery<br> - z kvalitou a cenou výrobku som veľmi spokojný<br><br>mínusy - za cenu 1€ je to super kamera<br><br>pros - price<br> - recording quality<br> - the suction part of the holder can be used for action cameras<br> - I am very satisfied with the quality and price of the product<br><br>Cons - for the price of 1 € it's a great camera. no cons
blood oxygen detection, heart rate monitoring, heart rate alarm, sleep monitoring, alarm clock reminder, sedentary reminder, SMS reminder, WeChat reminder, QQ reminder, call reminder, turn on the wrist screen, Rejecting calls, sports running mode, magnetic charging, finding bracelet, exercise pedometer, exercise track, calories, weather forecast, WeChat exercise, information storage...Worth it
I am writing this review after one week usuage. Overall, the watch is very great for daily use.<br><br>The screen is clear and i can see the contents under the strong light, not dazzling. My favorite function is temperature monitoring, which allows you to know your body temperature in real time, which can be used as a health reference。<br><br>7 sports modes is enough for me to track my sports.
Well packed, without damage, exactly as I expected had. Beautiful strap color, like it! There are many functions, and I don’t fully understand how to use them. It can be fully charged in about two hours, and the standby time can last about 10 days. Already installed the application and everything was connected without problems, works properly. Highly recommended to you
I love these headphones! I bought a pair of this softer, thicker headphones for sleeping, and I also bought these for exercise and they are PERFECT. They’re a really breathable fabric, lined with mesh so they wick sweat, and they’re perfect for going for a run or long walk in hotter weather. I sweat easily, so I love the two-in-one factor of headband + headphones.
I have been using Rotary Tools for Over 50 years. I have Multiple Rotary Tools on my workbench, I looked at the SPECS on this little machine and thought I would try it out. While it Costs 1/5 of my old one, I have already put it to "my Tests" and its Performance so far is Comparable to my old one and I think maybe a Little Lighter in weight THAT means its a Keeper!
This hand drill is exactly what a woman needs when she’s alone and needs something drilled and doesn’t want to hire anyone to do the job. I think it is well constructed and should be everything I hope it will be and that I will be able to use this as I hoped. go easily through the wood that I was using. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.
This tool is fantastic if you read the description. It is super light weight. It would be great for. punching for the thin copper plate and many other surfaces. I absolutely love the various application, I can not only punching, but also Cutting and Grinding on different surfaces. It is very practical for me and I would definitely recommend to you
Bought these to replace another pair of very expensive bluetooth headsets. The expensive ones died after just a few weeks of use. I figured that if they were going to die anyway I would just get a number of cheap ones as long as they worked. These not only worked but worked well with decent sound and excellent battery life.
Never used this type of tool before and was trying to fix a chair. It took me a couple of tries but got used to it and was able to repair my chair. I will be buying one for my dad that likes to build stuff. Good price as well. All in all Awesome small device. Perfect for woodworking beginners. Later you can invest in top of the line.
This is an excellent bluetooth headset. My grandson has been wanting one, so I decided to surprise him post-Christmas. He was happy that it has cool design because he would like to have a headphones with unique appearance. It connected easily with his phone. The sound is clear and the controls were easy for him to learn.
I bought this power supply for my 3d printer, it arrived one week ago and I have already have a go for a while,I would say this is nice power supply, because it works very stably, and it performance is excellent, in addition, the price of this power supply is also reasonable, I can afford it and would recommend to you
I can't sleep or go for a walk without my music or podcasts. Earbuds often pop out and my big over your headphones are great for travel and indoor but these are just so versatile. The ear pieces within can be moved around a bit so semi customizable & bonus it's made to be exercised in ... Sweat won't ruin these babies!
I have been using my normal standard wrenches for years, and used some branded ratcheting wrenches years ago when installing a Supercharger. I remember them making my life so much easier during the install, and got around finally to looking for a set I could pick up that wouldn't be ridiculously priced.
I have the these earbuds which I absolutely love and reviewed here. I travel a lot and have a very expensive over the ear active noise canceling headphones that have no equal when it come to the features, sound quality and CVC8.0 technology. I never thought I would every own noise canceling earbuds.
I am very impressed with this product, actually this is my first time to buy such thing online, so I was concerned about the quality of this product, but when it came, there were not any disappointment, I would say it is a really quality product, it fits my grinder well, and with it helped me work nicely
El envío ha tardado poco más de dos semanas en llegar. Bien protegido y en correcto estado aparentemente.<br><br>De momento sólo he probado el conector intermedio de 2A y la carga funciona bien. Haré más pruebas usando varios cables a ver el calentamiento que origina al producto.<br><br>Por lo demás todo parece estar en orden, buena relación calidad-precio en este primer vistazo.
I make jewelry, and need that i can adjust the speed, usually low to medium. The regular rotary tool is way too powerful and fast. I love this. it's "MINI" that's what it does and what it's for small projects! And it's perfect! It's so easy to hold due to skinny body, and easy to adjust speed.
Je ne m'attendais pas à grand chose au vu du tarif, mais je suis agréablement surprise.<br>Elle est plutôt belle, plutôt qualitative, bien finie.<br>L'interface n'est clairement pas son point fort, ça rame mais c'est correct.<br>Par contre, l'application associée est une catastrophe.<br>Elle n'est pas entièrement traduite, elle ne permet presque rien et la montre se déconnecte très souvent.<br>Elle vaut 4 étoiles.
Very cute and comfortable watch. I am still getting used to it. I have used it for more than a week and everything is fine. The function and quality are not inferior to brand-name watches at all! If you want a full-featured watch with a low budget, this is a good choice!
Phones bluetooth de boa qualidade<br>Prendem se facilmente nas orelhas e consegue se correr/ praticar exercício sem a preocupação de caírem.<br>A bateria é de acordo com o indicado.<br>Apenas detetei um pequeno defeito, que apenas terá sido nos meus, na execução de música, às vezes os phones deixam de dar por um ou dois segundos.<br>Recomendo a sua compra.
Il prodotto è arrivato nel tempo stimato e corrisponde alla descrizione L’adattatore è pratico e funzionale, piccolo da entrare in tasca. Funziona con due pile da AA lo consiglio soprattutto per il rapporto qualità prezzo.Ottimo acquisto sul sito Gear Beast, sono molto soddisfatto.
Good type c cable, i recommended it<br>Good type c cable, i recommended it
Though I get good service from this app..I think they shipped the product very fast. And the product quality is good but I think the battery power is quite low that's why it couldn't give me much back up.
i love this watch, it helps meto count distance of running, and also it has a good shape and so comfortable .. i recommand it
I guess I thought that the price of this camera was very cheap, but I was surprised and satisfied! Its image quality is much better than the camera in my laptop, and I like its wide angle of view.
good item but the price not the same on the package I but it 7$ on package 2$,<br>the smartwatch work well but low quality .<br>I can't register on app .
La batería de estos audífonos tienen aproximadamente una hora de duración. La calidad de sonido es regular. Son año incómodos en la oreja y el uso prolongado puede causarte dolor.
For storeing data, not for everiday use, this drive is perfect. Using for movies playback on TV it is not. Its a bit slow for a 3.0 drive, but I can live with that. Aftersll it is not a bad buy.