Gocomma delivers a range of affordable, high quality mobile accessories for tech lovers. From Bluetooth car chargers, screen protectors to adapters, enjoy a smarter mobile life. Compact and practical, don't leave home without the latest in Gocomma technology products.

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what people are saying
This box is one of the best I've used,bought.looks ace and plays fantastic.It can hold a build easy and doesnt slow it down 1 bit.Getting the box out of the hollow package is a nightmare as it's as tight as anything.Im well happy with it and think I will be buying some more if the price is rite.For about £30 that should be its price so just wait and then buy at the descent price.You will like how small this is and just how fast it is as it runs android 9 and stick a kodi 18.4 on it then a build or maby just use kodi and slap a few addons on it.Either way you will have a great box.
Superb TV Box, Android 9 Pie, great processor Amlogic s905x2 with 4Gb RAM DDR4 and 32Gb ROM EMMC, GPU Mali Arm G31 MP2, with Vulkan and Open GL 3.0, VP 9+, HDMI 2.1, Bluetooth 4.2<br>Great for everything, especially for games, a lot of apks from original google play store, great apk smart youtube which work awesome in 4K resolution ,Kodi 18.4 Leia work fabulous with tons of movies, tv chanells, series and others about multimedia show.<br>Nice built of device with nice picture of earth in space on device, little decent display on front, usb 3.0 which work 10 x faster than usb 2.0<br><br>It's really worth it, <br>RECOMEND IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Вполне нормальный TV Box! Без навороченного интерфейса, но при этом с вполне нормальным функционалом! Air Mouse работает стабильно, подключил флешку на 256Gb - не потянул, виснет, но на 32Gb тянет. Полноценный PlayMarket, есть 2 версии YouTube - одна поддерживает формат максимум 700p, вторая - 1080p. Долго не мог разобраться как отключить навязчивый звук при навигации по меню, но в итоге нашёл как отключить. Немного коротковаты кабеля зарядного устройства и HDMI, но мне хватило. Общее впечатление от покупки положительное! Рекомендую!
I bought three flash drives. One is for me, the other two are for each of my sons. We all used it and there was no problem. They seem to be fast enough that the capacity I can upload and download to them is correct. They are rugged and have been used many times without any problems. These are not very expensive, but they are suitable for most needs. I can now buy some things I want to store on my computer because I see how durable and reliable they are.
Hi Today:<br> Some of these pieces haven't arrived yet with this Order.. However, the Keyboard and Mouse has arrived,, As I was filling out the review of the Shipment of the pieces of the ORDER that has arrived I gave a POOR review of the ORDERS.. That is not the CASE.. I an satisfied with the ORDER in all regard.. Thank You for processing and Shipping My ORDERS.. Maybe tomorrow or in the next few days the rest of this ORDER will ARRIVE.. The KEYBOARD is Excellent NICE.. I have NOT used it YET.. <br><br> William Oxner<br><br> William Oxner
Comoda custodia universale per tablet da 10 pollici, si adatta ad una vasta gamma di modelli. Per alcuni potrebbe risultare un po' troppo lunga, ma a questo prezzo, non si può pretendere che calzi a pennello. La copertina ruvida frontale permette una buona presa e la possibilità di piegarla in più sezione permette di usarla come uno stand. Manca un fermo magnetico per bloccarla quando è piegata, perché basta un tocco o una vibrazione per farle perdere l'equilibrio. Comunque un buon prodotto ad un costo irrisorio
This is the complement needed for building a TRON like motorcycle jacket. <br>The electroluminescent lights came with 12V adapter, good for glowing the vehicles, but for personal use, this box is the most convenient power source. <br>It is a two AA adapter that fits in a pocket, and has a control button with four states, off, on,and two levels of blinking.<br>A good acquisition for one who want soft glowing EL light stripes instead of bright dots of LED.
I use my Macbook at home and at work, so I like to have a USB-C hub at each location, connected to my monitors and keyboard/mouse. When I go from work to home, I simply unplug from my hub at home, then plug into my hub at work when I arrive.<br>This hub works very well. The power throughput is great, allowing me to charge my laptop as fast as it would without a hub. I have a 4k monitor plugged into the HDMI port and have had no issues with getting proper video display through the hub.
good product, no more flat back tyre. Arrived quickly in good condition. <br>Better than a solid tyre replacement alone, dont buy them you cannot get the solid tyre on the wheel.<br>Only negative is the solid tyre gives a lot of loss off comfort, you have virtually no suspension left and furthermore if there is no airtyre it is illegal here in The Netherlands<br>to drive the electric scooter outside your private property.
Отличная приставка! покупаю уже не первый раз, качество отличное. Эта приставка из-за чистого андроид тв ( настроена Гуглом на управление голосом и пультом) лучшие решение. 4к крутит без проблем. Это лучше чем аналоги на обычном Андроиде (любой версии) и железом на amlogic 905x2! Выход под колонки 3.5 Джек работает с любыми колонками !! в других приставках этого нет. рекомендую эту
It can be comparable to Xiaomi AirDots, with a long battery life and sufficient charging box. Small and exquisite appearance, the box and invisible glasses box are the same size, easy to carry, very good. The sound of earphone is surrounded in three dimensions, quite considerate. Bluetooth connection speed is also very fast, take out the automatic connection, especially like
The cable is very strong. Super charger is good for Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The time of the delivery was a bit long to Hungary. Vastag és erős kábel ,a szuper töltés működik Huawei Mate 10 Pro telefonon. Kaptam hozzá egy tépőzáras kötegelöt így nem ugrik szét ha össze van tekerve. I recommend it.
Enables you to connect 2.5/3.5 IDE and SATA hard drivers to your computer via USB port. A tool for duplicate, backup, or transfer large amounts of data from one drive to another. Plus three device can connecting at one time!
The earphones are of a standard build quality and the sound is average considering its exceptionally low price. The earphones are a good buy for a quick replacement but do not expect an amazing sound experience from them. <br><br>Overall it's a pretty decent pair of earphones and I'd Definitely recommend it.
Good reliable card reader, usable with usb c, micro usb and usb a 3.0. accepts micro sd and normal sized sd cards, good looking easy to carry and the perfect size also has an blue indicator led while in use
nice pack for type c to jack adapters. works nice with phones which has analog output. It doesn't work with digital outputs. quality is very good,as original oem cables from manufacters.
la camera è di ottimo livello e le immagini sono di buona qualità. è abbastanza piccola e questo rende più facile il posizionamento. L'app associata è comoda ed intuitiva. utile la funzione di riduzione della qualità video se non si dispone di una connessione veloce a internet. Ottimo anche il rapporto prezzo / qualità. Le immagini mostrano la stessa stanza di giorno e di notte ripresa con la wifi cam
Muy buen auricular.... Encaja perfecto en el oído cuando encuentras su posición idónea..<br>Tiene un volumen aceptable aunque no muy alto. Una autonomía más que aceptable para su tamaño y el alcanze de la señal Bluetooth es muy larga.. Unos 30 metros a campo abierto.<br>En definitiva, una extraordinaria relación cálida precio, un buen aparato, voy a comprar más.
Its external material is made of waterproof durable fabric. It has a lot of pouches and slots to organizer your accessories, tools and devices. Three dividers allow you to customize the large compartment. I used the case for storing ten powerbanks, two flashlights and many USB cables.
Relativamente ao tempo de espera não tenho nada a dizer, chegou dentro do tempo previsto.<br>Para a marca/preço eu esperava sinceramente um artigo melhor, não tem qualidade de som, difíceis de colocar no ouvido sendo mesmo necessário usar as duas mãos e 1 dos auriculares tem mau contacto ao carregar além disso tem fraca bateria.<br>De bom só tem mesmo a possibilidade de conectar com 2 telemóveis ao mesmo tempo.
Di fattura un po' minima ma fa il suo dovere!<br>La plastica con cui è fatto è molto leggera (di pro ha che lo può maneggiare anche un bambino!) e le componenti sono semplici (la ventola all'interno e quello di un comuna pc).<br>Fa comunque qullo per cui è stato acquistato e soprattutto evita l'uso di sostanze chimiche!
7 days delivery time, great package, very well protected, very nice little blender, I am very happy for this item. Highly recommend to everyone.
Received long waitid adapter for microSD card reading and saving. Quality looks nice, even that strange microUSB-in-USB male end works well. Needed it for my wildlife-camcorder that has not any other connection to transfer files from microSD to computer. So i hope that new gadget will do it work !
This is a very good product for the price. Also, the customer service is very good. Response was prompt when I need to replace a slightly tilted backup camera. I bought bought two of these for our two cars, and I would recommend this to everyone I know. By the way, a video is worth a thousand words
The best case I ever bought, I recommend 100% this purchase. Very robust and beautiful, excellent quality material, not flexible, fully protects the camera from impacts and scratches.
I loved it, very good headphones, economical functional, the audio is not the best, but it is decent, they synchronize without problems, good manufacturing material
these cables are perfect especially when driving or while at work and you need to multitask while charging. the risk of breaking off If dropped is greatly reduced. I bought one for my friend who has an iPhone and got 2 more for work
The package contains the wireless charger, micro usb cable and user manual in chinese language.<br>Charging takes longer than the original charger, but it is normal because charging is done wireless.
Received tube is not as in pictures, it's different brand HOTA, and it's not the quality of the CST tube that should have been delivered. Do not order as you will not receive CST tube from pictures.
منتج جميل بفكرة رائعة وغير واضحة كميرا موجودة داخل الشاحن ، يمكنك شحن الهاتف او اي جهاز يشحن عبر usb بالاضافة لكونها كميرا جد جميلة ، دقة واضحة وتحكم سهل جدا .<br>الشيئ السيئ في المنتج هو ان الاتصال يفصل احيانا بالاضافة الى اعادة ضبط المصنع .