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This bulb is great quality, probably one of the best wifi Led RGBW bulbs for its price. It's really easy to setup, I downloaded the SmartHome app from the Android Play Store and then you just have to follow the instructions.The bulb is configured to connect to your home wifi router and once it's done the app allows to dim the light, change color and schedule light modes. the app also allows setting groups of bulb that can be controlled together. This bulb is also compatible with Alexa and Home Assistant, allowing a lot of customization on how you want to interact with it.
Las bombillas solares dan una buena luz y son muy cómodas de instalar y de recargar.<br>Las recomiendo para armarios y despensas, donde a veces es difícil que llegue la claridad suficiente.<br><br>Las bombillas solares dan una buena luz y son muy cómodas de instalar y de recargar.<br>Las recomiendo para armarios y despensas, donde a veces es difícil que llegue la claridad suficiente.<br><br>Las bombillas solares dan una buena luz y son muy cómodas de instalar y de recargar.<br>Las recomiendo para armarios y despensas, donde a veces es difícil que llegue la claridad suficiente.
Best for short range. The large LED die and OP reflector form a beam with a large diffused hot spot and about 60° of usable spill. Very versatile with programmable levels; I own two units, and have one set for the lowest moonlight level of about 1 lumen, and the other set for a lowest level of about 4 lumens. Can instantly access moonlight with a short press from Off, or a memorized higher level with a long press from Off, and the side switch is easy to find by feel. "Blinky" modes (Strobe, SOS, Beacon) are available, but hidden. My favorite AA sized flashlight.
Лампа колонка отлично работает как звук очень громкий и такой маленький динамик отлично выдает звуковую частоту ,даже не ожидал!<br>Световая гамма достаточно насыщена разными цветами хорошая яркость свечения.<br>Инструкция на английском,лампа быстро подключается по блутус,удобное управление через приложение.<br>Остался очень доволен!!!
Отличный светильник , все работает как и заявлено на странице товара<br>влево-вправо переключение цветовой температуры<br>вверх-вниз регулировка яркости <br>долгое нажатие на кнопку включения выключения<br>двойной клик на эту же кнопку включает режим свечи<br>корпус сделан качественно , ничего не люфтит не скрипит , материал тоже качественный<br>рекомендую к покупке , брал 2 светильника и не пожалел<br>Показать знакомым , друзьям - вау эффект обеспечен
I am very satisfied with this purchase . To compare with Xiaomi product i would even say is better ... It has got also recharchable battery and it gives very good light wherever and whenever is needed . It is also little bit bigger and has got more leds ... Also please see attached pictures . Thank you very much indeed gearbest ...
- Good output levels. High is very bright. Medium is good for reading/general lighting. Low is good for reading where just a little extra light is needed. <br>- Battery power allows for portability and use anywhere. <br>- Lightweight. <br>- You can recharge and use at same time from USB port on computer, solar panel, outlet, or even power bank. <br>- Fantastic price on flash sale.
Excellent build quality. The convex lens forms a wide (maybe 80 degree), even beam with no hot spot. Actual CCT is more like 4000K than the listed 5000K, but that's a plus for me. Mode spacing is very good, with instant access to Moonlight (long press from Off) or memorized mode (short click from Off). "Blinky" modes (Strobe, SOS, and Beacon) are hidden. Lumintop 700 mAh RCR123A battery included.
luminosity excellent <br>touch keys work without error <br>the charger was tested - charged samsung s5 and xiaomi note 4x - 2A super <br>has many setup options <br>I'm very satisfied with the purchase<br>very good purchase. this lamp looks very good and is of good quality <br>the packaging was of high quality
The light is extraordinary and nice-looking. After I looked at the photos at the bottom, I decided to buy it immediately. They are sooooo impressive. With a built-in speaker, it can play music, tell a story, and enable you to know the weather forecast when you ask it to do so. The colorful night light function is also very special.
very good solution for the bedroom. At night, in the dark you do not have to wake up anyone and turn on the light to easily find a t-shirt or underwear. Easy screw assembly for existing hinges. Set without batteries.
The product was as described, and worked really well. I have installed them in my hall and kitchen and now only turn on the mains lights when I need extra light for tricky tasks or reading. Using re-chargeable batteries increases savings on overall cost of lighting.
Helps to attract wide attention on our product. In exhibition!!! Probably our model airplanes are not the best, but the way in which we present it is the coolest. A lot of people seem to be interested in our airplanes, ask a lot of questions, try flying them. We are so glad.
wunderschönes Spielzeug. Mein Kind liebt es und jedes Abend wird es eingeschaltet. es leuchtet wie ein Nachtlicht.wird nicht heiß.
Compre esta lampara para poder leer en las noches con mi kindle basico y no eh tenido ningun problema, el clip se adapta bien a la funda del kindle y la bateria le dura muchisimo, le debe durar aproximadamente 20 horas de uso<br><br>La bateria se carga rapido y tiene excelente calidad en sus materiales
Nice design, fits perfectly in the hand. Simple to understand and use. Thrower beam for distance. Recommended for search and rescue. Flexible power source with either use of 26650 or 18650 batteries. Practical lanyard provided.
Very good product, works very good. <br>The construction quality could be better, but with this price we can't ask for more.<br>Works as it should. i advise this product to you all...
Удобный, хороший ночник...<br><br>Плюсы:<br>- большой выбор режимов освещения;<br>- Регулировка яркости.<br><br>Минусы:<br>- на всю ночь не хватает
Cool lamp for camping. It has 3 white light ranges and 1 additional UV lamp for mosquitos. The handle can be hanged even on a tree branch. Micro usb charger. Possible to wash.
Купили на подарок одной из племянниц. Вживую понравился. Милый котик. Приятный материал. Добротное исполнение. Рекомендую.
This small night light is very cute, I first saw it will like it.It has a variety of pretty color , I think that I can buy some more,and i can use it when do the dance.Special is that it is also the function of recording.
Bardzo fajna żarówka , która nadała się do łazienki. Czujnik ruchu działa bez zarzutu. Nie razie światło po oczach. Polecam
Fast delivery, Good quality, Easy to use, Custom videos can be interested very easily, user friendly application.
Do you believe will have this fold small night lamp?This is really a magic invention.Every time I need to use when they open, do not need to fold and books together, when I was super easy.
This is a very perfect design, i use it in the darkness of the light,don't have to worry about invisible,<br> it is very great.My family said this is a very useful light,we are very like it.
The bulb has 3 states of lighting:<br>- like fire<br>- light up and light down<br>- continous light<br>In my opinion the price-quality ratio is really good.
-Very cheap.<br>-Easy to install.<br>-Very fast shipping.<br>-The package was delivered in 10 days(to UK).<br>-Value for Money
שמתי בכניסה לבית יצא מדהים. כשיורדת החשכה האור נדלק עצמאית, האור לא חזק רק מאיר את הדרך ובחג ניתן גם לעשות משחק אורות.<br>שווה רכישה.
yaz akşamları için vazgeçilmezim oldu<br>ister led aydınlatmasını<br>ister sinek öldürücüsünü <br>istersen ikisini aynı anda kullanım kolaylığı <br>ebatına göre verimli çalışıyor
a very impressive shopping experience, i like GearBest very good... As you may know, our country lack of EC platform, but my dream comes true with GB's powerful systems.